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If you are looking for a fun, exciting, and complete fitness workout then you are definitely going to love this musically choreographed fitness boxing program. 

Combining the elements of music, choreography, fitness, and boxing training, FITBOX provides an effective workout to: 

  • Burn high amounts of calories

  • Help in weight loss goals

  • Work all parts of your body

  • Improves body strength and stamina

  • Improves mood and self-image

  • Improves your overall fitness condition



FITBOX Junior makes fitness fun, exciting and effective for children ages 6 to 17. FITBOX Junior Kids for ages 6-12 and FITBOX Junior Teens for ages 13-17. Adapting the FITBOX program for children ages 6 to 17. The program is structured to keep the kids and teens attention thus resulting in a challenging but fun, exciting, and effective workout.

This FITBOX program has been formatted to help children get the required amounts of daily exercise and to burn the proper amounts of calories to maintain or improve health and fitness levels. It is structured to keep them focused, excited, and motivated about participating.




FITBOX Silver is a program that provides a unique workout ideal for people who want an effective, fun, and exciting but low impact workout. The program is perfect for adults getting older, adults new to fitness, adults who want to start out slower, and those who need injury rehabilitation.

Adapting the FITBOX program for people in need of a lower impact and lower intensity activities. The moves and routines are modified specifically to suit low impact fitness requirements in a uniquely fun and effective way, 



​FITBOX Toning is perfect for people wanting to develop strength, tone muscles and increase physical endurance in a fun, effective and exciting toning fitness program. Using the principles of strength and resistance training. By strategically adding small amount of weight the workout increases in intensity and strength requirements.

This FITBOX program has been formulated to help participants increase strength stamina, and endurance for muscle toning purposes. Toning improves strength and endurance while providing a fun and exciting workout.




For those who are ready to challenge themselves to a 30 minute high paced, high Intensity, interval training extreme fitness workout FITBOX Extreme brings 

FITBOX to an Extreme level with captivating  high BPM musically choreographed routines.

This FITBOX program has been formatted to challenge those in need of extreme fitness conditioning. It enhances all of the overall health benefits of FITBOX while developing those who participate into extremely fit versions of themselves.

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