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Become a FITBOX Partnering Location

No licensing fees: Transform your business into a thriving FITBOX partnering location and offer FITBOX classes that not only boost your revenue but also provide your customers with an exhilarating boxing fitness experience. By joining with FITBOX, you tap into a world of fitness boxing expertise, comprehensive support, and training. You'll be able to seamlessly integrate FITBOX classes into your existing offerings, thus elevating your business to new heights. Additionally, hosting FITBOX instructor certification training courses can open up additional revenue streams, as you can earn commissions for every instructor who gets certified through your establishment. You can take advantage of our affiliate program which allows you to earn from sales made through your exclusive promo codes on our nutrition products and apparel and gear designed for FITBOX Training. Become a FITBOX partner today, and watch your establishment become a destination for fun and effective FITBOX workouts that will keep your clients engaged and coming back for more,  

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