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FITBOX partners are independent locations that are licensed to provide FITBOX products and services. The locations may be fitness studios, gyms, training centers, boxing arenas, or any facility that has hanging or free standing punching bags.  All FITBOX partners provide FITBOX, and depending on the location may provide specialty classes such as FITBOX Extreme, FITBOX Toning, FITBOX Junior, and FITBOX Silver classes. All FITBOX classes at partnering locations are taught by certified FITBOX instructors. FITBOX partners are professionals that are eager and waiting to help everyone reach their fitness related goals. FITBOX partnering locations are recognized as leaders in the fitness boxing industry. When visiting FITBOX partnering locations be prepared to receive fun, exciting, and effective workouts. The music combined with the choreographed fitness boxing is like no other workout. The staff at FITBOX partnering locations are absolutely positive you will have an awesome experience!!!  



  • FITBOX and specialty FITBOX classes such as FITBOX Extreme, FITBOX Toning, FITBOX Junior, and FITBOX Silver.

  • FITBOX Instructor Certification Training Programs.

  • FITBOX Apparel and Gear. Shirts, shorts, sweats, boxing gloves, hand wraps, FITBOX signature gloves, hats, and punching bags. 

  • FITBOX Nutritional Products. Energy drinks, energy bars, and energy supplements. Protein supplements, protein bars, dried beef and dried turkey protein snacks. 

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